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Deliver an exceptional voluntary retirement program, with empowering education and advanced tools that enable participants to achieve their financial retirement goals.

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SFERS Benefit Calculator

Estimate your monthly SFERS retirement benefit to learn how much income it may provide you in retirement—it could be less than you think.

Log in to your SFERS account and click on Benefits Calculator to see what your future benefit could be.

Retirement Income Calculator

Use this "gap analysis" tool to learn whether you're contributing enough to the San Francisco Deferred Compensation Plan (SFDCP) to make up any shortfall in retirement income based on your SFERS benefit estimate.

Click "Get Started" after you log in.

Latest News

SFDCP Fund lineup updates on March 9, 2018.

 The IRS contribution limits have increased for 2018.

Take the right steps to plan for a more secure financial future in 2018. Click here for 5 important tasks to complete now.

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  The annualized crediting rate for the SFDCP Stable Value Portfolio is 1.91% for the first quarter of 2018.

San Francisco Deferred Compensation Plan Fee Structure.

Little Things Mean a Lot!

Discover what a difference saving just 1% more of your income today could mean for how you spend your days in retirement.

Combine Outside Retirement Accounts

Transferring eligible outside retirement assets to your SFDCP account can make it easier to manage your strategy

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Nearing Retirement

As your working days wane, you face different
challenges, new choices and key decisions.

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Contact Your Counselors

Get one-on-one guidance from a licensed pro—at no extra cost.

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